I'm really torn between rewriting my “finished” novel or starting on one of my new ideas. I've plotted out a couple of new stories. I visualize spending hour upon hour typing away. I am having a personal na-no-wri-mo, a per-no-wri-mo if you will. Yep, a goal of two thousand words per day. Luckily we're past the measly 28 days of February. Otherwise I'd have to ramp up to twenty-two or twenty-five hundred a day. And that's just too hard to do. Right? Right? Give me an amen! Or not. I know, it boils down to how badly do I want it.

This ponderous position derives from my writing research and binge reading. Binge reading. Is that considered a syndrome or a personality disorder? Or worse – an addiction? Either way, it's what I've been doing, so label me what you will. After all, labels make the world go round.

Starting a new project also gets you excited. Simmer down – not that kind of excited. In a way, it renews your faith in the process. You also allow yourself to see the world from a different perspective. Sometimes it's a fresh perspective, sometimes it's an old and haggard perspective. Even a tired perspective is interesting when viewed through the eyes of your character.

The plus side to revision is that I now understand what I need to do to make this WIP the best I possibly can. Which, by the way, changes about twice a year as I receive new/better input/information from the world around me. So at what point will I truly have it in its peak form? I guess that's one of the questions of the universe. My universe at least.

Working on revisions still keeps me within the framework of the per-no-wri-mo. In fact, I'll revise my new goal and label it rev-no-wri-mo. Obviously my word count goal will need to be adjusted, but that's no big. Maybe hours per day or pages per day is better than words per day. That's a tough one.

So which way to I go? Revise or new? I think I'll flip a coin.



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