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    I am a fangirl at heart. My heart races. My adrenaline soars. I love that feeling. It's a basic physiological response that can be summed up in that I feel like I'm thirteen years old again and getting to see the latest teen heart-throb in person. That's how I was today - totally fumbling over myself, as if my crutches didn't make that an easy move anyway. I was talking too quickly, saying stupid things that made no sense to anyone but myself, explaining in detail about things that were irrelevant. I was embarrassed at how nervous I was. Here was my chance to rub elbows with my hoped-for peers and I was behaving like a bumbling idiot. Need I go on?
    “Wow Machelle, what gives? What made you all twitterpated?” you ask. Well, sit down and and let me tell you. Tera Lynn Childs (her latest book, the merlicious Forgive My Fins will be followed by the release of Sweet Venom this fall,, Tracy Deebs (her Tempest Rising debuted this past May!, and Jennifer Archer (Her YA debut – by no means from a newbie author - Through Her Eyes were at A Real Bookstore in The Village at Fairview (Allen, TX) for the CHILLS AND THRILLS TEEN BOOK SIGNING TOUR. As if that wasn't enough, Rosemary Clement-Moore (the brains behind journalist Maggie Quinn's adventures and the author of The Splendor Falls, was hanging around for good measure.
    I had missed Rachel Caine (author of Bite Club, part of the Morganville Vampires' fame, both at A Real Bookstore and at The Smith Library in Wylie, TX. Geez! Can you believe it? Two different nights and I couldn't make either of them. It's all good. I'll catch Rachel on the flip side.
    To meet the Thrill and Chill authors was a thrill for me. Let me tell you, these ladies had to be tired, but they were beyond nice to me and the remaining stragglers. I arrived fifteen minutes after the signing officially ended (sometimes life puts little road bumps in your way), but I persevered. And I was rewarded. They were still signing, chatting, standing for pictures, and they were all smiles the entire time.
    Fangirl! Through and through! I have followed these ladies via social media for a long time. Now I can associate actual, touchable humans to the pictures on twitter, websites, and blogs. I was on a writer's high. Respect ladies, respect.


08/17/2012 5:01pm

I created a weebly blog after seeing how simple it looked.


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